Sunday, 28 November 2010

Of mice and men!!

Well, as the title suggests, these are the things which have been on my agenda this last week. I have been working on a couple of designs for gingerbread men, in fact a whole family. But as I've been so busy with other things they haven't reached my shop. So I decided to make a festive mix with just the few that I had made. (The rest of the little chaps are tucked away, unfinished in a box!)
So here's my festive mix....

.... as time has not been on my side, (as always) I combined two mince pies, one festive bakewell and my little gingerbread man!
The mice selection has been updated too. I have had requests to do a mix of "fondant" and "chocolate", so I now do a set of four like this.....

...... and for chocolate cupcake lovers everywhere.......

.... a real one would be nice too!!
As for my Christmas cards, well usually all my cards are different. But as I've been doing other things, (plus the fact that I didn't start making them until yesterday) I have used three designs and a two colour palette, and a bit of help from William Shakespeare. You'll get the idea when I put the pictures on my blog.
Now I'm off to make burgers, and hotdogs, knitted of course!