Saturday, 17 October 2015


I find it really sad, and annoying, that I must type this post. Even though I know that I am not the only one, by far, who has had to deal with such an issue.
This picture is mine, taken with my camera on my desk. A picture of my hard work, to make something lovely to look at and
display accordingly.
It isn't very nice when someone comes along, takes your picture and passes the work off as their own. Even trying for orders to make them.
My patterns and designs are my own. The only person, at the moment who has the patterns, is me, and, they're not even written on paper. They're all stored in my head, until, one day I will put them on paper.
If you, as you say, are a maker, show us your talents instead of pictures of everyone else's makes.
You know who you are, and it seems you are doing the same to others.
Some people would probably have named you, and put a link to your page, but I won't be doing that.
I am hoping that you have the decency to remove my picture, as asked several times and that of others work which you so "proudly" show.
So, should anyone see this picture on any page which isn't linked to me, then I'm afraid it's a scam.
And what have I learned from this? Firstly that everyone has imagination, but some  people prefer to trade off others hard work, and secondly, as my family have now convinced me, to watermark all my pictures!
Lesson learned!