Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Crafty New Year!

Well the New Year is almost here, and it's hopefully going to be filled with crafty projects. I'm looking at reorganising my little room as one of my first jobs. I'm still not happy with it. The storage is right ( for the size of the room) but it's the accessibility to everything.
I managed to get many of the projects done this last year as I'd planned. The couple I didn't manage to do are on the top of my list for the forthcoming year.
I have loads of ideas of things to make, along with someold favourites. I'm still knitting mince pies, (I've just had an order for some) but once they're done I shall be working on my spring projects. Here's a sneak preview.

I'll be working on some things for the grandchildren too. I'm so excited about these.
The knitted jacket I'm making for myself is just being sewn up ( a picture will be on the next post) and I shall be starting the next one (hopefully) today.

Whatever you're doing I hope you all have a very happy ( and crafty) New Year!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Playing cards

I've finally finished all my knitted Christmas sweet treats for another year. I thought that I might get finished a little earlier than I did, but it wasn't to be.
I've already begun some new spring items, but they can wait until after the festive season.

My Christmas cards are almost finished, I just have five to make, and these will be finished this weekend. The main bulk of the cards which I send, (about 70) are all done. In the end I decided on another theme for them than originally planned. I had intended to use some old Christmas postage stamps. I had already mounted them onto card, ready for die cutting. But then I had another idea after watching something on the telly.

I've been watch Servants, the true story on BBC 2, and on the first programme they visited ERDDIG
We visited there a couple of years ago, it's a beautiful place with so much to take in.
Anyway it was the fabrics and wall coverings which inspired me for my card theme. I wanted a look of gilded pattern on a misty background colour, but worn and faded.
So using white card stock, I used a selected few stamps which I thought would befit the idea.
Using gorgeous Brilliance metallic ink pads in Starlight silver, starlight black, copper and gold, I stamped my images. Some quite random and not all perfect. Once dry I coloured the images on some in metallic watercolour pencils in "Victoriana" colours and then used chalks in similar tones to compliment. I then edged the card with a darker shade of ink to finish off....

...they all turned out just as I wanted..... different from last years' black/silver and brown/gold contemporary cards which i made last year.....

The pictures don't really show the shimmer on the card, I'm really pleased with them.

Once I've finished off the last few, I shall tidy my desk and pack all my card making tools away until after the holidays, then I have some Birthday cards to make.

I've begun a knitted project for myself. I chunky jacket in a gorgeous spicy colour...

I started it last night and am itching to carry on with it, but housework calls, at the moment!
I keep adding to my book of ideas for new projects, but I also have decide to make a colour combination swatch book, which I want to use as a reference for a multitude of things not just paper craft. But that will have to wait, just a while.
I'd better begin my household chores before I get sidetracked!!