Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Using my Loaf!

Wherever I go or whatever I do, I always find something that gets the "grey matter" on overdrive. This time it was a trip to the bakery. We were out on a day trip and fancied a "snack" ( like you do!) and we went into a beautiful bakery with the gorgeous loaves etc on diplay. The sight and smells were just wonderful!
But the trouble with me, is that I don't just eat what I love, I want to recreate it, but in a different form. You know where this is going, I know...
Whilst sitting eating a beautiful fresh baked roll with a salad filling, my mind was wandering onto my knitting and where it would take me. This is what it led to.....

...... the thing is, this will lead to other things I know. It was strange because I had an email from a lovely lady who had bought some of my tarts and strawberries, and she asked me if I was going to make any baguettes, and at the time I was just on the verge of finishing the first set. Well they were snapped up, and now I'm working on my "tests" for some more.
The other thing I've been working on is these....

.... and that gorgeous fabric underneath is for another project. Sewing machine "at the ready" when I can take a break from knitting! But the real baking has to take over tomorrow, as our neigbour has just bought me a large bag of cooking apples and a huge basket of blackberries. Apple and blackberry pie anyone?

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