Monday, 4 October 2010

The last of my Halloween cupcakes are finished and are now for sale. I've been busy fulfilling a few orders so I haven't had time to make as many as I was going to. I've made a few notes in my book, (just so that I don't forget) of a few different designs, but that's for next year, hopefully!!
Here's picture of the last batch.....

I've now moved on to these.......

.... the first few sets have gone, but I have just listed one more set, with more on the way.
With Christmas approaching us quite quickly I have several projects to make for the family. I'd better get myself organised!


  1. Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment on my blog...much appreciated!
    I thought these cupcakes were REAL!!! You must have the patience of Job. Nice work.

  2. Hi Linda
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments.
    I think I have some mince pies in the freezer!

  3. Just amazing Linda. I can't always even follow a pattern and then find I give up half way and find the unfinished 'creation' years later! Your items are absolute works of art. Ann x