Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cupcakes, strawberries and chocolate!!!!

Well, here are a couple of pictures of my new cupcakes, at long last! I'd hoped, by now, that I would have at least three to show you, but I have been fulfilling orders so I've had to delay for a short while.
Anyway, strawberries and chocolate, here we go...

....this idea came from some real ones which I made last year. I try to knit what I see (and eat) if you know what I mean.
I thought 'd make them all slightly different. The first two are in chocolate cases...

... with two different toppings, one with a strawberry (just as it comes) the other with a milk chocolate dippping on it.
The second two are in springtime colour cases....

each with lashings of toppings and finished with a strawberry, one "as it comes" and the other with a dark chocolate dipping on it.
It's a good job they're not real as I don't think they would have lasted very long!!!!!
I have also been making more of these....

.... but only ordered ones at the moment.
I'm still working on my greetings cards, now I have a new laptop (which I have to say is taking me a while to get used to)my graphics programme runs much faster. Sadly I'm not "running" along with it! Maybe I will when I get used to it!!
There's a lot of mice in the house at the moment. Not real ones I'm glad to say, it's a special order but I have to keep that under wraps for now.
Hopefully it won't be long until I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Roll on spring, it's almost here. Happy crafting everyone!

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  1. These are so unique and absolutely adorable Linda! How clever you've made them!
    They're too beautiful to give them a bite though LOL.