Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sweet treats!

An update on a few things which I've just listed in my Folksy shop.
There are three sets of ices.....
...... some of my large cream/fruit tarts..
.....and a set of cupcakes...
.....I'm trying hard to catch up with myself after having a lovely break in Dorset.
I still have lots of new things in the pipeline. I've been offered a permanent place in our local farm shop, which I'm delighted about, and also they're having a fun day in September. So I have extra items to make for that!
I'm also working on my own projects ( when I can) but we're spending quite a bit of time on the garden, changing and rearranging. We'll get there, in the end!
I've been trying to change my little room around, but that task isn't going to plan. I have managed to create two piles of fabric though. One for my jumbo knitting project, (to go with the mixed yarns in the last post) and one for a rag rug which I want to make. When I'll get to start that is another matter. But, I'd rather have too much to do than nothing at all!!

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  1. Hi Linda...these are Delicious! Beautiful work! ♥