Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Memoirs of a Knitted Geisha!

Well, she's finished. Apart from the decoration for her hair. So here she is.... ......the clarity of the picture isn't great, (that's down to me not the camera) the light wasn't great, and I'm trying to catch up with things before we head off on holiday at the weekend! So, I was going to knit her as per the pattern. As you can see ( if you have the pattern yourself) I did make some changes. I didn't like the embroidered flowers on the original pattern, so I went for a rosebud effect... .... the obi I kept plain...... ....although I may add a couple of rosebuds at the back. On the original pattern the footwear had two horizontal straps..... .....I wasn't keen on that idea, so I attempted to recreate the original style. It was on her head that I made quite a few changes...... ..... that turned out quite different to the original. I think it's because when I wound the strands, I wound it tighter than I should have, so maybe I should have used more yarn. I gave her a nose, purely and simply because I think it needed to be there. Here red lips are a small v and not a straight line as in the pattern and her eyes are smaller than the original too. I need to sit and sort through my bead collection to find suitable pieces for her hair, (maybe this evening) to finish to look. My overall verdict of this pattern is that there are too many pieces. I have already made some notes in my design book and I shall make another doll from scratch with my own pattern with less pieces and more shape. I'm happy with how it turned out, but not 100% and next time I shan't use double knitting yarn I shall use 4 ply. I have quite a few images of Geisha, these are from a collection of stamps, matchbox labels and postcards which belonged to my late father. So I shall study these, make a few notes and try some shapes. It's also got me thinking of another project witch I could use these images on, my brain never stops!! I did manage to get all the family birthday cards completed, I shall post these later. This afternoon I have baking to do. One Victoria sponge, one chocolate sponge and one apple cake. These are for Mick to take to work this evening as it's his birthday. So that's my afternoon sorted. Now, when's that rain going to stop!!

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